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Santa Fe, the oldest capital city in North America, was established 13 years before the Pilgrims. In 1926, the Old Santa Fe Association was established to preserve “that unique charm born of age, tradition and environment, which are the priceless assets and heritage of Old Santa Fe.” Over years of development, the city has preserved its distinctive Spanish-Pueblo architectural style based on the adobe (mud and straw) and wood construction of the past.

The city averaged 350,000 SF of commercial real estate property development annually 1997-2007, including industrial, retail, and office space. Current developments include industrial and office space. Santa Fe is not only a hotbed of culture, with its museums, opera, ballet, and sculptures; it is also a hotbed of technology, sometimes called the “info mesa,” with Los Alamos National Lab, the National Center for Genome Resources, and the Santa Fe Institute around the city. See for more info.

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